Sabtu, 05 November 2016

How To Manage Your Salary For 30 Days

Sometimes we fall asleep, when payday arrives. The bills must be paid on time, but the desire to shop often unbearable. Edges, not the middle of the month, we're running out of money. Here are tips & tricks set the salary for 30 days.

1. Make a budget

Each month you are required to plan a budget when it receives a salary. It would be better if you review the expenditures during the last three months. In this way we can know, the money you used for anything.
Please note the routine monthly expenses including for hobbies, such as dining out, fashion, or other hobbies. When we know what type of shopper you are, you will easily make savings. Then start making a budget to easily organize your salary. The success of this step lies in the spending plan drawn realistically and describe the actual pattern of your life.

2. Have two bank accounts

You are required to have two different bank accounts. The first account is used for all transactions, such as paying bills, paying for insurance, mortgage, etc. While the second is used for saving.
For the second one, select banks to apply lower administrative costs and its network of ATM machines is limited. You can save your ATM card at places not easily seen that this card is rarely used.

3. Pay off debts and repayments

Immediately pay off all the bills are piling up after receiving a salary so that later you more easily manage your salary. This helps calculating budget for the long term. If the debt can not be repaid in a short time, analyze, and count how many times the payments that should be paid until the debt is paid off. If you wish to repay anything, should be adjusted to 30 percent of your income or salary. From our calculations, thinking Repeat the prior buy goods with debt.

4. Note!

The next step is to create a diary containing records of expenditures and revenues for a month. You can record the goods or services purchased, number, transaction amount, time of purchase, and where. It takes perseverance, but it helps you to put the brakes on spending.

5. Compare with Budget Spending

The last step to set the salary for the 30 days is to compare the expenditure budget plan with your spending diary. If the budget plan differ greatly from reality, then you need to make revisions to the budget. Check back so that you know your biggest pengeluara for what needs.